Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have some new polish!!! It's a brand called Rainbow Honey and I absolutely love it. It has the cutest packaging, unique polishes and awesome customer service!

The glitter polish I'm wearing in the photos is Rainbow Honey's The Element of Magic over Avon nailwear pro+ (which I'm also pretty impressed with!). I bought a mini size of this polish because I generally don't wear too much purple but I'm thinking that may change.

Isn't it pretty!? The polish itself has different sizes, and shades of purple glitter in a purple base that shimmers blue when the light hits it right. It looks like there is some tiny holo dust type glitter in there as well.

Do you see the blue shimmer on the tops of my nails?

All in all I really like this polish and I bought a few other colors. The only problem I had with this polish was with the brush on the mini polish(es). While the bottle is just the cutest thing the cap is just too large when trying to use the mini brush.

See what I mean? adorable little box and bottle for the mini polish but mini brush with big cap.

Are you wanting some Rainbow Honey now? Take a peek at their website to see all the glittery goodness.

Tata for now, have a good one,
Tammy :)

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