Monday, September 17, 2012

I Remember When.....

Hi there!! Today is day three of The Let's do the Time Warp Challenge and my nails are outta this world. The theme for today is 'I remember when.......' coming up with a design for this topic was a little difficult for me, there are just so many things I remember.

There are quite a few historical events that have happened during my lifetime but unfortunately the ones that really stand out are a bit heavy themed, plane hijackings, bombings, wars and I didn't want to represent those on my nails!

My parents, God love them, were nuts and traveled with my 5 siblings and I all throughout this great nation of ours. We have seen a lot of things that most people only get to see on tv (Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, Disney World, Bryce Canyon, Zion, you name it I probably saw it).

So you may be asking at this point 'what on earth did she paint on her nails????'. Well I picked a place my parents were not able to take me because you see I Remember when the Hubbel Space Telescope was launched !

To me this was one of the coolest things ever!!!!! I love space travel! I remember being a bit bummed that it was going to take a little while for the pictures to show up and I also remember snickering a little when they had to fix the mirrors on it.

So without any further babbling from me I present my Hubble Telescope Travels through the Perseus A Galaxy Nails.

see the Hubble Telescope on my thumb
Here's my inspiration, The NGC 1275 also known as Perseus A. Photo is courtesy of NASA and the Hubbel Space Telescope
File:NGC 1275 Hubble WikiSky.jpg

What do you think???? My first galaxy nails and they are based on a real galaxy! Did I nail (ha ha) the Perseus A ?

Thanks so much for taking a trip back in time with me and remembering the Hubbel Space Telescope!


  1. I love them! (I'm probably biased because I did galaxy nails too :)

  2. Cool story and even cooler nails - I haven't tried galaxy nails yet and this makes me want to try them NOW!! LOVE!!

    1. Thanks so much! Maybe I'll live long enough to actually get to take a trip to space, lol.

  3. Those nails look gorgeous! Very well done! (Even though I'm still finding it very amusing that there are so many space nails :D)

    1. Thanks! I too find it interesting how many of us created a spacey look, who woulda thought ( well quite a few of us I guess!).

  4. Great job, this is a really well done galaxy manicure!


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