Monday, September 24, 2012

Influential Women

This post is a little adult themed so if you are offended by such things you may want to skip this blog post.

And now that I have the attention of the rest of you........ here we go!

Hello there! Today is day 5 of the Let's Do the Time Warp Challenge and we are to do a manicure in honor of an influential woman. When trying to decide who to pick to portray I kept getting hung up on the words influential and woman and then it hit me.

Rather than one woman I chose a group of women who throughout history have had a rather big influence on society. Good or bad, right or wrong these women have changed the course of many lives, they have been around (or should I say have gotten around) since biblical times.  Heads of States, Governors (well almost any politician these days) the Secret Service and even the regular ole Joe (or maybe John) has, uh, been influenced by these ladies. They have, uhm, raised up the ego and, er, brought down the reputation of many men. Apparently these gals have quite a bag of tricks because some of them make a ton of money doing something most of us do for free! Oh the things these ladies know, the secrets they have heard, the, uhm, issues they have helped to resolve. 

If you haven't figured it out yet I have chosen to portray the women who by CHOICE have opted to follow the 'worlds oldest profession' and I don't mean motherhood. Yep that's right I picked The Call Girl aka the hooker and prostitute.

This mani was actually a bit fun to wear and my husband well let's just say he loved it! I chose his favorite shade of hooker red which is Zoya Sooki topped off with CG Raspberry Festival and for the fishnet stocking nails I used Zoya Cho with Konad black polish for the stamping and some black rhinestones.
So what do you think? Is this subtle homage to the Ladies of the Night something you would wear?



  1. OMG the best inspiration in the whole thing ;)
    And so pretty - the klassy call girl kind ;)

  2. Very interesting inspiration and I love your take on it! Gorgeous!

  3. Hahaha AWESOME. Love your inspiration :D

  4. I loveeee that you picked something saucy! haha new follower here :)


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