Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FP Little People

Hello there!! Today is day six of the Let's Do the Time Warp Challenge. If you don't know this is being sponsored by Nail Polish Canada and Neverland Nail Blog and I am having a blast. Thank you Lindsey and Nail polish Canada!

On day six we are to 'use that childlike imagination and dream up some nails inspired by a classic game or toy'. Holy cow was this decision hard to make. Having 4 brothers and 1 sister we sure did have a lot of toys around our house, so I got to play with just about everything! When mulling over what to depict I had so many ideas, Lite Brite, Mr. Potato Head, Twister, GI Joe, Barbie, Hot Wheels, I mean really you name it I probably played with it. My mind actually became overloaded with all the choices and I kinda felt a bit overwhelmed.

The actual topic title of todays challenge is 'They sure don't make 'em like they used to' so I thought about that for a little bit and went back into my childhood and remembered a toy that I just loved, still do. This toy is certainly not made like it used to be, from what I understand the 'traditional toy' stopped being produced in 1990. Originally they were made of all wood, then wood and plastic and today they have taken on a whole new shape and size and name.

The toy I'm talking about the is Fisher Price Little People. If you don't know who they are here's a link to a search I did on them. Oh boy did I love playing with these! They had a farm with all the animals and the hay loft door mooed when opened, they had a castle with Princesses and Princes and Kings and Queens, there was an airport and airplane, there was a house with all the funiture including a sewing machine, they even had a circus. Ohhhhh the memories!!!! Seriously I just keep going on.

I chose to represent the actual Little People I played with as a child and actually living near the headquarters of Fisher Price I have a small collection of their toys including the ones I'm posing with. So without further babbling I present my first attempt at this type of nail art, my literal representation of the Fisher Price Little People. (please don't laugh to hard)

Boy does the macro setting magnify flaws!
All in all not tooo bad for my first try??? Don't ya just love the dog? Oh and the grumpy little boy, I always wanted to make him smile just once. The grumpy one in my hand is vintage and maybe even a prototype because he is a she, no cap and there's a bow in her hair.
This was my favorite challenge yet, it brought back my childhood, which is LONG gone, and I tryed something that was a true challenge to me!
Thanks so much for looking and take some time today to play with some toys even if it's only in your memory.



Monday, September 24, 2012

Influential Women

This post is a little adult themed so if you are offended by such things you may want to skip this blog post.

And now that I have the attention of the rest of you........ here we go!

Hello there! Today is day 5 of the Let's Do the Time Warp Challenge and we are to do a manicure in honor of an influential woman. When trying to decide who to pick to portray I kept getting hung up on the words influential and woman and then it hit me.

Rather than one woman I chose a group of women who throughout history have had a rather big influence on society. Good or bad, right or wrong these women have changed the course of many lives, they have been around (or should I say have gotten around) since biblical times.  Heads of States, Governors (well almost any politician these days) the Secret Service and even the regular ole Joe (or maybe John) has, uh, been influenced by these ladies. They have, uhm, raised up the ego and, er, brought down the reputation of many men. Apparently these gals have quite a bag of tricks because some of them make a ton of money doing something most of us do for free! Oh the things these ladies know, the secrets they have heard, the, uhm, issues they have helped to resolve. 

If you haven't figured it out yet I have chosen to portray the women who by CHOICE have opted to follow the 'worlds oldest profession' and I don't mean motherhood. Yep that's right I picked The Call Girl aka the hooker and prostitute.

This mani was actually a bit fun to wear and my husband well let's just say he loved it! I chose his favorite shade of hooker red which is Zoya Sooki topped off with CG Raspberry Festival and for the fishnet stocking nails I used Zoya Cho with Konad black polish for the stamping and some black rhinestones.
So what do you think? Is this subtle homage to the Ladies of the Night something you would wear?


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace

Today is day 4 of the 'Let's Do the Time Warp Challenge'. The theme for today is 'Lights, Camera, Action' and we are to choose a nostalgic movie, song or piece of litereature and transform it into a manicure worthy of the spotlight.

My inspiration is a very old movie/play called Arsenic and Old Lace. For those of you who aren't familiar with the movie it's a dark comedic murder movie in which a pair of old ladies put old bachelors out of their misery by poisoning them with elderberry wine laced with arsenic. It starred Cary Grant in the lead role of Mortimer. Here's a link to the WIKI article on it.  If you get a chance to see it do so!! It's truly an amusing story.

My manicure based on the movie has quite a nostalgic feel to me and I had to stop myself from adding any further embellishments to it. I had planned to put wine glasses, poison symbols and bottles in there too but in the end I chose not to and went with this dark but elegant look.


I started with a base of Elderberry Wine (China Glaze Short and Sassy) did a gradient with some Death (SH Black Heart) and then stamped the corners with Lace (Loreal The Perfect Trench).

The stamping hides the gradient in the above pics so here's a shot of that, click on the photo and you'll get a better view (for some reason I can't resize more than two images) I love this gradient!

I am really enjoying wearing this mani! So dark and mysterious and yet so wearable.

Thank you so much Lindsey for hosting this 'Let's Do the Time Warp Challenge!

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Remember When.....

Hi there!! Today is day three of The Let's do the Time Warp Challenge and my nails are outta this world. The theme for today is 'I remember when.......' coming up with a design for this topic was a little difficult for me, there are just so many things I remember.

There are quite a few historical events that have happened during my lifetime but unfortunately the ones that really stand out are a bit heavy themed, plane hijackings, bombings, wars and I didn't want to represent those on my nails!

My parents, God love them, were nuts and traveled with my 5 siblings and I all throughout this great nation of ours. We have seen a lot of things that most people only get to see on tv (Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, Disney World, Bryce Canyon, Zion, you name it I probably saw it).

So you may be asking at this point 'what on earth did she paint on her nails????'. Well I picked a place my parents were not able to take me because you see I Remember when the Hubbel Space Telescope was launched !

To me this was one of the coolest things ever!!!!! I love space travel! I remember being a bit bummed that it was going to take a little while for the pictures to show up and I also remember snickering a little when they had to fix the mirrors on it.

So without any further babbling from me I present my Hubble Telescope Travels through the Perseus A Galaxy Nails.

see the Hubble Telescope on my thumb
Here's my inspiration, The NGC 1275 also known as Perseus A. Photo is courtesy of NASA and the Hubbel Space Telescope
File:NGC 1275 Hubble WikiSky.jpg

What do you think???? My first galaxy nails and they are based on a real galaxy! Did I nail (ha ha) the Perseus A ?

Thanks so much for taking a trip back in time with me and remembering the Hubbel Space Telescope!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Vintage Darling

Hi there!!!

It is day two of the Neverland Nail Blog's Time Warp Challenge. Today's challenge is called 'It's Vintage Darling' and we are to feature a look from the past. My inspiration is a look that was made popular in 1965 from a painting that came from 1930 and is still on trend today.

My nails are based on a dress by Yves Saint Laurent called the "Mondrian" Day Dress and it was on a cover of Vogue magazine. Ysl's inspiration is from a painting called Composition II in Red, Blue, Yellow.

The "Mondrian" look is everywhere, remember The Partridge Family's bus? Ever heard of color blocking? Are you on Pinterest and checking the nail looks there? Read nail blogs? I was really quite surprised to find so many things that have been inspired by a simple dress made in 1965.

Look mom I'm on the cover of Vogue!

This mani is probably one the most time consuming manis I have ever done, lining up all those little bits of striping tape requires quite a bit of patience, but once again this is something most anyone can do!

So what do you think? Looks pretty modern huh? Nope, It's Vintage Darling!

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Nail Challenge!!!

Hello there. Today I am participating in my first ever Nail Challenge! Neverland Nail Blog with Nail polish Canada is sponsoring it and it's called Let's Do The Time Warp Challenge. If I manage to figure things out here in Blogger world there will be little pics at the bottom of my post that link to others participating in the challenge.

So... day one of the challenge is titled 'I should have been born in.....' Well quite honestly I have always been pretty happy with the time I was born in so that is the decade I chose to depict on my nails. While I was wayyyyyyy toooo youuuung to have all the fun (he he) that a lot of people were having during this time I have always loved all the colors and graphics and music, etc. from the '60's!

Peace, Love and Flower Power Rule!!


I'm still quite new to decorating my nails so freehand designs are not happening, this is stamping and dotting tools. There is a little learning curve but with a little practice anyone can do this!! Give it a whirl!

All the pretty little polishes I used, love love love colors!
The little pics I told ya about (hopefully) go ahead and click on them...

Ok so I can't figure out the in-linkz tool quite yet so here is a link to Neverland Nail Blog where you can see everyone else that is participating because she know how to use the tool (ha ha). 

I figured it out for real now, all I had to do was check my spam folder and follow the directions, dah.



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have some new polish!!! It's a brand called Rainbow Honey and I absolutely love it. It has the cutest packaging, unique polishes and awesome customer service!

The glitter polish I'm wearing in the photos is Rainbow Honey's The Element of Magic over Avon nailwear pro+ (which I'm also pretty impressed with!). I bought a mini size of this polish because I generally don't wear too much purple but I'm thinking that may change.

Isn't it pretty!? The polish itself has different sizes, and shades of purple glitter in a purple base that shimmers blue when the light hits it right. It looks like there is some tiny holo dust type glitter in there as well.

Do you see the blue shimmer on the tops of my nails?

All in all I really like this polish and I bought a few other colors. The only problem I had with this polish was with the brush on the mini polish(es). While the bottle is just the cutest thing the cap is just too large when trying to use the mini brush.

See what I mean? adorable little box and bottle for the mini polish but mini brush with big cap.

Are you wanting some Rainbow Honey now? Take a peek at their website to see all the glittery goodness.

Tata for now, have a good one,
Tammy :)