Monday, November 12, 2012

A new tendency

Hi ya'll,

I haven't forgotten about my little blog, I've been busy doing thing besides my nails, well I have been painting them just not photographing them that much. I wasn't sure at first about posting pics of the other things I do but then I figured hey it's my blog and it is named Tammy's Tendencies so today I'm showing you another tendency of mine which is sewing.

Sewing is something I truly enjoy doing, it can be relaxing and quite addictive. My Mom has always sewn and it's just one of those things I absorbed. It's actually a little amusing to me now that I sew because in high school I almost flunked Home-Ec! My school had plenty of sewing machines and we had to make the dumbest most unflattering skirt ever, then wear it to school on what I call prairie day. Well I had no intention of making that stupid skirt. I remember sitting in class not working on it at all and thinking to myself  "I'll just take this home and Mom will sew it for me", so that's just what I did. Well to my shock and surprise Mom wouldn't do it!! She told me I was more than capable or something like that and seeing  that flunking the class seemed even worse than sewing that ugly thing I sewed it, wore it on the required day, and then never looked at it again.

Well I think I've come a long way! While I still won't make something that I consider ugly I enjoy the process very much. My skills are not that of a true seamstress and I have basically no pattern making skills so I just read and follow the instructions the best I can and usually come out with pretty good results  (at least I think so).

So in any case here is a pic of one of my latest projects, my new coat.

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. What do you think???
Here's a closer pic of the collar, it has this awesome little pleat detail.
And here's a shot of the lining.
How fun is that fabric!?!?
In case you're still reading and have any interest the coat itself is made from McCalls 5717 which I scoured the internet to find. The outer fabric is a wool tweed and the lining fabric label also says it's a wool but it's feels soft and slippery. I did make one change to the pattern, the instructions/directions call for a gathered skirt ruffle on the bottom of the coat but I thought it would look a little more sophisticated less childish if I were to pleat it (like the collar) so that's what I did and IT WORKED!
So honestly what do ya think?? I hope you like seeing stuff besides my fingernails in all their painted glory  lol (and if you are here just for my nails don't fret there will be more). A couple more of my tendencies may be making their debut on my blog too, my knitting needles and crochet hooks are starting to feel neglected and with the cold weather coming some hat, socks and glove making just might have to be done.
Well that's all for now so enjoy your day and ta ta for now,
Tammy :)


  1. That's so amazing! I wish I had learned to sew so I could make gorgeous clothes like this.

  2. I love the fabric you used on the inside :) Great inspiration for nail art
    I love your work and I am a big fan :) I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award ... Stop by my blogg and check out the rules :)
    You can also stay a while and follow me :)



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