Monday, August 6, 2012

Water Lily

One of the things I tend to do in the summer is spend quite a bit of time in the garden. It's so peaceful and I am always amazed by the simple beauty of flowers. Our garden takes up quite a bit of our yard and includes a koi pond in which we grow water lilies and other aquatic plants. A few years back we were visiting a friends garden who has a much bigger pond and in it I saw the most beautiful water lily ever! It's a lily that actually changes it's color, it starts off a pale pink with yellow edges and turns more of a peachy pink/coral as the days go by. Welllll I just happened to find a nail polish that is just as gorgeous, it's called Nebula and it's from an Etsy shop called Sparkles by Julie. It is the perfect color for my skin tone and it's going to be my go to polish!

First up a pic of the lily. These are in the pink phase.

Pretty huh? Don't mind the leaves they got rips in them during a recent hail storm. Now for the nails.

The pics aren't really capturing the pretty holo sparkle in the polish, it's so pretty irl.

The accent nail is another Sparkles by Julie polish called Peach Jelly Belly with some loose glitter on top.

Here's the fun bottle shot.

And here is a pic of the koi pond.

Until next time, have a good day!

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