Friday, July 27, 2012

Leopard- Take 2

The first attempt at leopard nails didn't come out too bad but I knew that I could do better. There are some awesome looking ones out here in cyberspace, check out the Classic Leopard on Nail Polish Wars (it's the July 21st post)! Aren't they awesome???? She even tells you how to do it. They say practice makes perfect so using some colors in my collection I sat down to try again.

Guess what??

They did come out better! They are a bit blingier than the ones on Nail Polish Wars but hey for my second attempt not too bad.

So what ya think??

These really aren't too hard to do! While not perfect they are surely passable and a ton of fun to wear! Can't ya just see rockin this look at the holidays?! 

                 Some people get a little weirded out by toes so I thought I'd warn ya.

Why only practice on 10 nails when ya have 20 of them?

I really like leopard print! How about you?

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